[Compilation] Park Jung Min is NOT ALONE

24 Jan

credit to : rainaftershine.wordpress.com

Show your support for Park Jung Min through digital singles! Read tutorial here by ode@ss501ode.blogspot.com

Music Video

(Credit: TonyKPOPMV @ YT)


Teaser 1

(Credit: TherainaftershineMV @ YT + parkjungminofficial @ Facebook)

Teaser 2

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[Trans] THANKS TO from Not Alone album

[Lyric, Hangeul, Romaji & Trans] NOT ALONE Album

[Trans] Fan chant for ‘Not Alone’

New Photos for Not Alone

Come Back Perfomance :

[4 in 1] Come Back Perfomance! Mnet Countdown. Music Bank. Music Core. SBS Inkigayo


I’m moving ^____^//

28 Nov

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[Video] with Hyung Jun @ TenTen Club (Engsub) [03.01.11]

25 Jan

Credit: reenatriple @ YT
Chinese sub by: 43Park

English sub by: reena29shadow
Do not re-upload!




[Pic] @ ShimShim Tapa 01.25.10

25 Jan

credit to : liezle.blogspot.com + @iamsom in twitter ^^


As you probably all know Jung Min is the guest host of Shim Shim Tapa for two consecutive days (it started today 12:05AM). Photos from the broadcast have been uploaded in imbc ShimShim Tapa webby and I am shoving them here. Much thanks to iamsom for tweeting.






Guys, don’t forget that broadcast will at 12:05AM later will be on webcast. If you have iMBC mini you can watch it there. You may also try this link > mms://vod1.dgmbc.com/amlive

[Audio] SS501 wake up call ^^

25 Jan

just found this long time ago .

and already download it, but forgot to post it…

kekekek~~ enjoy!!


credit to :  501dong.com + ss501.wordpress.com


SS501’s wake up voice..

use it to your alarm voice or else..

Let the boys wake you up~~ 😀





[Info] How to support our dark prince through digital sales?

24 Jan

credit : rainaftershine.wordpress.com ^^

she really help me a lot with all of her post, ^^


An updated version of Soribada Tutorial from ode@ss501ode.blogspot.com ^^ She told me that there are crucial edits in the past tutorial and its really important so i decided to create a new post for this again! Everyone gotta read it cause this helps a lot. We want Jungmin to get award right? So, start reading now and buy a card (or as many as you can XDD) to support Park Jung Min!

Big thanks to Ode again! ^________^

Credit: ode + stalking_hj & her Korean friend @ ss501ode.blogspot.com

Please replace all “LOVE YA” with your new target
– for example, upcoming JM’s comeback, etc

Become a Soribada_Music_Card holder! + Why Should I ?

Reasons why holding this Soribada Music Card is so important

(1) Affordable+Good Buy = Unlimited Listening+Download 40 songs for 1 month!

(2) Music charts take into heavy consideration of Soribada, too

(3) You don’t have to become a member of Soribada so that your participation will count in — NO

(4) If you’re a foreigner, even if you want to join as a member, they no longer execute that service for now
–ie; meaning: you can only purchase this Music Card so that your participation counts in

By entering http://www.soribada.com on your address bar and then immediately heading to go search for your desired song where you click on it and start listening
by doing so = do you think that’s streaming?
Yeah it is, BUT it’s NOT counted into charts…
So? = In vain!

Get what I mean now? ^-^

You need to purchase the CARD!!!

Please beside buy CDs buy the digital ones too… !!!!


P.S; Just a heads-up;;;

Digital sales on Mnet > Soribada ;
Melon + Bugs takes up 60% of calculation for ranking


The No.1 singers on Melon+Bugs attained much more % for accumulated point scalings than No.1 singers on Dosirak+Mnet+Soribada

Which just means, Mnet+Bugs+Melon are the Top (major) 3 for (Most) important. Followed by Dosirak, then Soribada

But yes, Soribada also plays a very huge %.

How to?

Read on to find out.


Its so easy ^O^

If 1 TS international at least can buy 1 digital song. It will help them sooooooooooooo muchhhhh!!!!

Because you know for winning mutizens weekly DIGITAL SALES is so important, because the part is 60% !!!!
So please buy their digital song too to help their digital sales much.. Because SS501 weakness is always so lacking in digital sales…

Its easy everything is in english!!

How to support our SS princes through digital sales?

A. We use soribada..

B. Use internet explorer to open the sites!

C. Go to SORIBADA.. Just 2 sites in korea can receive foreigner application… soribada and mnet… but i really suggest you just buy from SORIBADA because soribada is the easiest way and SORIBADA is TAKEN IN CONSIDERATION BY INKIGAYO and MUSIC BANK for weekly charts!!! Music Bank takes into consideration Soribada and Hottracks together that reflects on Hanteo. Soribada is taken in consideration too by annual awards. Golden Disk Award considerated soribada too.. So please buy ^^

D. The cost is 7700 won (including tax) -> after that you will get music card which you will be able to download 40 songs/month. it means you can download for maximum 40 times /40 songs!

E. Only works if you have a VISA card or other international cards like mastercard (no other way than this , so don’t ask how to do it if you don’t have a Visa.)


1. Go here http://www.soribada.com/foreigner/index.php

2. Klik the most bottom that said ‘Buy now’

3. choose smart music card: 7000 won/month -> klik buy

4. Email address confirmation:
Fill up only the box : email address and email address confirmation.
Dont write in ID and password box, just leave that blank! after that click confirm…

5. A pop up open:
*a reminder box will appear, giving you the option to click on ‘OK’. Click on ‘OK’ and install the particular plug-in that it requires. This is done by clicking on the top add-on. Wait for add-on to finish DLing*
fill the box cardholder’s name with your name, select “International Credit Card”, then click “Confirm”.
the pop up close as soon as you clicked confirmation!

6. A nice-looking box appears (that is if you’d waited for the add-on to finish DLing).
Please enter your relevant card information. AND! Remember to check the information you have entered. Click on “PROCEED”.

7. If you are a MasterCard holder, a pop-up will appear as some information will be sent to your mobile phone from your issuing bank. (it depends for each case)

That’s it! You’ve just bought the music card…!

The serial number of music card and the payment information will be sent to your email address

Open your mail
You should have 2 mails: one bout your bill to soribada, and the second with the card number.

The mail with your card number in it should look like this:
“(Your_Name ) User’s Guide to Soribada Music Card”.

8. Back to the main page

Under “Non-Subscriber”, put on your serial card number (the one in your email) -> klik sign in

10. And then you will be redirected to soribada main page

11. You will see your id (eg; Special13198) at the top of soribada page
(it is a sign you have already registered)

FINISH!!!! Please buy their CD and their digital one too and support! ^O^

Remember: If 1 TS international at least can buy 1 digital song. It will help them sooooooooooooo muchhhhh!!!!

Important notice regarding soribada!

1. 40 quota download means you just can download 1 song once only.
Example: you cant use your 40 quota download for buy LOVE YA only
Proof it isnt work for same song: when u try to download same song, the quota wont reduce.. Bcause it is same song. (look at the quota number at the last step 14)

my suggestion: save ur quota for LOVE ya later when our boys comeback week..
But you can download the rest of the song in destination now.. as alternatif You can dl many of their old song too..

2. Its not monthly subscribe.. The card will get expired after the limited time (1 month)
so b4 the expired time, buy many song as u want..

3. After u dl, it means u have that song legally as ur own collection that you can save in your media player/computer/etc

For all of u have downloaded love ya song already, dun worry its give another effect.. With much download in 1st release day/week, will boost up their ranking in online portal music sites, so people/non fans/music lovers will notice and will attracted to download.. Thats the effect..
But for you havent bought yet, just save it for another strategy for ourboys comebacks week..^^


  • Read FAQ @ STREAMING IN SORIBADA (for SMC holders+non SMC holders) HERE


  • Read How to Increase searches HERE

  • Read How to download/buy songs fr. MNET + Register as FREE member HERE

And after reading, please don’t forget to say a thank you to Ode for these compilation in her blog! You can also read about Jung Min’s ‘Not Alone’ project HERE thanks to @reena29shadow

[4 in 1] Come Back Perfomance! Mnet Countdown. Music Bank. Music Core. SBS Inkigayo

24 Jan

yeah… his first week come back!!!

I just can watch LIVE the last, T___T

credit : as tagged ^^


Mnet Countdown

Music Bank

Music Core

SBS Inkigayo